The International Journal of Virtual Reality (IJVR) is a peer-reviewed research journal dedicated to the publication of new research and methodology in the realm of Virtual Reality. We aim to cover technical and human concerns linked to augmented and virtual reality technologies. The journal addresses worldwide researchers, professionals and other people interested in the challenges of immersive technologies and has an editorial board of respected editors and associate editors, covering a broad range of areas in augmented and virtual reality.

The journal has been published since 1995 when virtual reality was still in its infancy. Since its creation, IJVR has frequently published major issues on hot topics for immersive technologies and its uses.

International Journal of Virtual Reality solicits contributions describing original research results in all fields of immersive technologies (XR). We put great efforts in providing rapids and rigorous reviews in an aim of two month.  Final versions are published electronically immediately upon receipt free of any charges.

All published papers are freely available online.  We believe that the results of scientific research should be freely available to researchers and the general public. To make this possible, our journal is fully open access and totally independent from private publishers. Our open access publishing policy will maximize articles visibility.


A brief history

Dr. Richard Blade (University of Colorado, USA – IPI Press) is the founder and the original Editor-in-Chief of IJVR. He forwarded IJVR to Pr. Zhigeng Pan (Hangzhou Normal University, China) in 2006 and he served as Editor-in-Chief until 2012. Since 2013, IJVR has been headquartered in France. In 2018, after 5 years as Editor-in- Chief, Dr. Cedric Buche (Brest National Engineering School – ENIB, France), gave IJVR’ keys to Pr. Simon Richir, Dr. Olivier Christmann and Dr. Christine Ollendorff, belonging to Arts et Métiers Institute of Technology, the third oldest Engineering School in France (founded in 1780). Arts et Métiers is the new host of the IJVR, and the new editorial office will be located in Laval.