Virtual Reality Technology Development in Korea


Korea is constructing its information highway scheduled for completion by 2015. However, not all this highway infrastructure is part of the national strategy. The development plan includes extensive software applications for the movie, game, and multimedia industries. At the present time the Internet can represented as the sea of information (cyber space) which can be searched for any information, new concept, or promotion over time and space. The increasing number and demands of Internet users drive the development. In particular, those demands are promoting the movement from 2D to 3D environments, as well as interactions that make the virtual, or cyber, world more closely resemble the real world. With those efforts go an increasing interest in virtual reality (VR), and there is currently much VR research and the development of commercial VR applications taking place in Korea. In this paper I describe the technology trends, the organizations involved in VR research, and introduce the other articles in this issue of the IJVR


ChanJong Park


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