This paper describes an immersive system, called 3DIVE, for interactive volume data visualization and exploration inside the CAVE virtual environment. Combining interactive volume rendering and virtual reality provides a natural immersive environment for volumetric data visualization. More advanced data exploration operations, such as object level data manipulation, simulation and analysis, are supported in 3DIVE by several new techniques: volume primitives and texture regions are used for the rendering, manipulation, and collision detection of volumetric objects; the region based rendering pipeline is integrated with 3D image filters to provide an image-based mechanism for interactive transfer function design; a collaborative visualization module allows remote sites to collaborate over common datasets with passive or active view sharing. The system has been recently released as public domain software for CAVE/ImmersaDesk users, and is currently being actively used by a 3D microscopy visualization project.


Michael Boyles

Shiaofen Fang


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