A Hierarchical 3D Data Rendering System Synchronized with HTML


We propose a new rendering system for large-scale, 3D geometic data that can be used with web-based content man-agement systems (CMS). To achieve this, we employed a geometry hierarchical encoding method "QSplat" and implemented this in a Java and JOGL (Java bindings of OpenGL) environment. Users can view large-scale geometric data using conventional HTML browsers with a non-powerful CPU and low-speed networks. Further, this system is independent of the platforms. We add new functionalities so that users can easily understand the geometric data: Annotations and HTML Synchronization. Users can see the geometric data with the associated annotations that describe the names or the detailed explanations of the particular portions. The HTML Synchronization enables users to smoothly and interactively switch our rendering system and HTML contents. The experimental results show that our system performs an interactive frame rate even for a large-scale data whereas other systems cannot render them


Yousuke Kimura

Tomohiro Mashita

Atsushi Nakazawa

Takashi Machida

Kiyoshi Kiyokawa

Haruo Takemura


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