Simulation of Shallow-Water Waves in Coastal Region for Marine Simulator


This paper presents a new method for simulating shallow-water waves for the marine simulator. Firstly, a sequence of sea surface height fields is achieved by solving 2D Boussinesq type equations. These height fields can exhibit the combined effect of the most shallow-water waves in the coastal region, such as shoaling, refraction, diffraction, reflection and non-linear wave- wave interaction, etc. Secondly, these height fields are synthesized to a new unlimited long sequence by rearranging their order according to their similarity. Finally, the height fields are used as vertex textures sampled by a view-dependent sea surface grid in the new order. Experimental results show that the simulated shallow-water waves have realistic effect with fast rendering speed. It is suitable for the applications of real-time simulation, the marine simulator especially.


Yongjin Li

Yicheng Jin

Yong Yin

Helong Shen


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