Exhibition design as preferential research framework in redefining interior spaces value-ratio in contemporary architecture debate: the merging end integration approach introduced by communication and performative exhibition practices is redesigning culturally and physically the pre-existing spaces. Exhibition design research innovative carrying out planning approach for changing strategies simultaneity knowledge spreading. In this way it became the most interesting and topical interior design project act, able to translate performing spaces into crossing experience built also with meanings dissemination and "surfing" knowledge method. The exhibition design direction is a different tool to control and develop multimodal approach to interior territories whose outcome fit to new social landscapes The Installation of an exhibition space meaning is now coming into sight as work-in-progress multi-disciplinary range, increasingly complex. The experiential element (whom exponential use of digital solution is just an exterior consequence) will increasing more and more and will bring to ostensive solutions development looking to new classifying parameters capable in enclosing several simultaneous organizing relationships. These parameters represents many super-structural rationalization process aptitudes that draw close true courses and imaginary tours, into complex changeable landscapes where raise to the surface place, objects and viewers sense and myths, made by production act, supervising to thoughts and actions as independent and symbiotic designer and visitor condition.


Marco Borsotti

Letizia Bollini


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