Since 2009, the Korean government began to invest heavily in the field of digital contents based on Korean cultural heritage like Korean dramas, films, animation, and virtual reality application. The investment was caused by Korean Wave, which is the surge of popularity of South Korean culture around the world since the 21st century [1], also called Hallyu in Korean. However the Korean historical dramas and films have misarranged the components of Korean traditional houses and ornaments chronologically and spatially. The typical problem is coming from the lack of reference to who builds the sets. The one of the solutions is Korean Space Creator that has real time renderer to show the created space instantly and the database of traditional Korean house components, then it is easy for digital contents producers to use. At present the application has the specific regional materials of Chosun Dynasty (1392-1910) in database; it will extend to more region and dynasties.


Seungmook Kang

Hadong Kim


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