The present study tested the effects of sensorial inputs on performance and attentional focus during physical training on a computerized ergometer. 18 students were involved in this study. The experimental procedure consisted in a 3x3x4 mixed design, with 3 practice modalities (virtual feedback, virtual feedback and music, virtual and heart rate feedback) 3 course phases (e.g., flat, uphill, downhill) and 4 sessions. The virtual feedback was a video film of the course subjects had to complete. Video display speed was proportional to the subject's pedalling speed. Results show a training effect on the subjects' overall performance and a reduction of the time spent gazing at video feedback across sessions. The results are discussed in terms of the functional status of sensorial stimulation and its interactions with exercise intensity and subject performance.


Virginie Dagonneau

Christophe Maïano

Charles-Symphorien Mercier

Daniel R. Mestre


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