Human-Guided Simulation for Lunar Rover in Virtual Environment


Lunar rover development involves a large amount of validation works in realistic operational conditions, including its mechanical subsystem and on-board software. The traditional simulation step is to construct model, input parameters, execute a simulation, and visualize the results. However, a more insight and higher productivity can be achieved if these activities are guided by human simultaneously. In this paper, a human-guided simulation method for China lunar rover simulation environment (CLRSE) that affords real time capabilities with high fidelity has been presented. It studied the input of kinematics simulation, analyzed a quick steering method of complex dynamic interactions between wheel and soft moon ground, and presented a way of path choosing by human guided. And the application which runs on PC Cluster and Silicon Graphics is also developed in this environment.


Jinsong Bao

Dili Yu

Yanchun Yang

Ye Jin

Shanhu Du


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