Fuzzy Feature Visualization of 3D Vector Field by Information-Entropy-Based Texture Adaptation


Texture adaptation is a challenging issue in tex-ture-based feature visualization. In order to visualize as more information as we can, this paper presents a texture adaptation technique for fuzzy feature visualization of 3D vector field, taking into account information quantity carried by vector field and texture based on extended information entropy. Two definitions of information measurement for 3D vector field and noise texture, MIE and RNIE, are proposed to quantitatively represent the information carried by them. A noise generation algorithm based on three principles derived from minimal differentia of MIE and RNIE is designed to obtain an approximately optimal distribution of noise fragments which shows more details than those used before. A discussion of results is included to demonstrate our algorithm which leads to a more reasonable visualization results based on fuzzy feature measurement and information quantity.


Huaihui Wang

Huaxun Xu

Liang Zeng

Sikun Li


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