Hybrid Silhouette Detection for Real-Time Shadow Volume


In shadow volume, the most expensive computation is silhouette detection. In this paper, the triangular algorithm (TA) and visible-non-visible (VnV) algorithm that are famous algorithms to detect the outline of occluder are renewed. In this paper, we proposed a hybrid algorithm based on TA and VnV, namely Hybrid Silhouette Detection (HSD) algorithm. HSD is an improved algorithm that can recognize silhouette for generating real-time shadow volume. Our algorithm involves detecting silhouette and decreases the cost of implementation for shadow volume rendering. The last shadow volume algorithm using stencil buffer is rewritten and an algorithm for shadow volume using HSD with respect of culling invisible parts of scene is proposed. An accurate mathematical comparison between TA, VnV and HSD algorithms is undertaken. The obtained results confirm superiority of our proposed algorithm in terms of processing and rendering time. Our algorithm can be used in virtual environment to increase the frame


Hoshang Kolivand

Mohd Shahrizal Sunar


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