The General Method Study and Practice for Trans-disciplinary Design in Internet Platform of 3D Art Museum


In the digital era of rapid development of computer software technology, the collaboration of science and arts becomes trend of development in terms of digital media content design and innovation. Breakthrough to the traditional working model, such as individual or independent small scale research and develop-ment team, establish a research and development team that consisting of artists and software engineers in art school, and do col-laborative research and development project is a necessary requirement for the progress of the digital age. This paper focuses on China Academy of Art Online Gallery project that integrates the transdisciplinary resources. By using art, technology, software engineering practice and quality management methods together, this project attempt to explore a set of basic methods of combining art and science to improve the standard of creation, research and design for China's Internet 3D technology platform. It is important to break with the traditional narrow way of thinking boldly and explore the general methods of multi-team collaboration for innovative projects. It has far-reaching strategic and practical significance for digital technological innovation research in art and design, online game and animation industry.


Jianwen Song

Zhijie Yao


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