Mobile Augmented Reality in Museums : Towards Enhancing Visitor's Learning Experience


This article presents the design and implementation of a handheld Augmented Reality (AR) system called Mobile Augmented Reality Touring System (M.A.R.T.S). The results of experiments conducted during museum visits using this system are also described. These experiments aim at studying how such a tool can transform the visitor's learning experience by comparing it to two widely used museum systems. First, we present the museum's learning experience and a related model which emerged from the state of the art. This model consists of two types of activity experienced by the observer of a work of art: sensitive and analytical. Then, we detail M.A.R.T.S architecture and implementation. Our empirical study highlights the fact that AR can direct visitors' attention by emphasizing and superimposing. Its magnifying and sensitive effects are well perceived and appreciated by visitors. The obtained results reveal that M.A.R.T.S contributes to a worthwhile learning experience.


Nehla Ghouaiel

Samir Garbaya

Jean-Marc Cieutat

Jean-Pierre Jessel


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