Editorial of the third issue of IJVR Volume 19 – October 2019


This issue, and the previous one devoted to the best articles from the VRIC conference, marks the new impulse given to the IJVR journal. We are following in the footsteps of our predecessors as Chief Editors: Richard Blade, who founded the newspaper in 1995, then Zhigeng Pan (2006-2012) and Cédric Buche (2013-2018).

We have worked hard to create a new site both for readers, who no longer need to register to view the articles, and for authors, who will be able to more easily follow the progress of the review process. This site is hosted by the University of Bordeaux, which has developed an online scientific journal hosting service. Note that the site has temporarily changed its domain name, the address is as follows:

IJVR is a diamond open access journal. Arts et Métiers Institute of Technology, as a not-for-profit, non-commercial organization, publish material that is made available online in digital format, is free of charge for readers and authors and does not allow commercial and for-profit re-use. IJVR is a part of the open science policy of Arts et Métiers Institute of Technology which purpose is to reinvest funds given by the reductions costs of big deals in news initiatives, leading to bibliodiversity.

From now on, each published article will have a DOI. The articles will be published on the site as soon as the evaluators have given their approval. It will no longer be necessary to wait for a new issue to be published. The articles will simply be added to the issue as it goes along, with a change in number every four months, and a change in volume per year (the volume will be the same as the year). It will also be possible to add additional elements to the articles, such as videos.

There is certainly still room for improvement, but we are already proud of the work that has been done. We would like to thank the authors who have submitted articles since the end of 2018 for their patience. We will now be able to focus on improving the response time after submission, with an initial objective of less than two months.

We want to continue to keep IJVR alive, to develop it, and we count on you, readers, to submit contributions describing original research results, applications, and experience in all fields of “X Reality” (XR). Papers may come from any area of XR activity, from academia or industry.

Feel free to contact us for any questions, remarks:

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    Olivier Christmann

    Affiliation : Arts et Métiers, LAMPA

    Country : France

    Simon Richir

    Affiliation : Arts et Métiers, LAMPA

    Country : France


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