ConVRgence (VRIC) Virtual Reality International Conference Proceedings


This document presents the proceedings of the VRIC - ConVRgence conference held on July 7-9, 2021. The conference was organized again this year in a particular context, that of the COVID-19 health crisis, and the usual dates were shifted from March to July to allow for a hybrid format both in-situ in Laval, and in the Laval Virtual World. We hope that next year will be back to normal, both in terms of organization and volume of submissions. We would like to thank the authors who submitted their research works, as well as the reviewers for their contributions.

Simon Richir, Arts et Métiers Institute of Technology, Scientific Director of Laval Virtual
Olivier Christmann, Arts et Métiers Institute of Technology, Co-chair
Geoffrey Gorisse, Arts et Métiers Institute of Technology, Co-chair.

Extending OpenSG for real-time synchronization of immersive environments in distributed collaboration

Anjela Mayer, Victor Häfner and Jivka Ovtcharova

Leveraging Augmented Reality to Support Context-Aware Tasks in Alignment with Business Processes

Gregor Grambow, Daniel Hieber, Roy Oberhauser and Camil Pogolski

Early driver-in-the-loop with virtual reality driving simulator in ADAS development methodology

Alexandre Barbier, Sébastien Saudrais and Bertrand Barbedette

Polyphonic XR/WebXR Museums: an effective but unused methodology

Suzanne Beer

Virtual reality sex-work: phantom touch and “tricks”

Liudmila Bredikhina

A new option in pain prevention with Bliss©, a Digital Therapeutic solution leveraging Virtual Reality: results of a French open-label multicenter phase III study (REVEH Trial)

Katell Le Dû, Anne-Lise Septans, Frédéric Maloisel, Hélène Vanaquaethem, Anna Schmitt, Marielle Le Goff, Marie Zinger, Hugues Bourgeois, Mélanie Peron, Fabrice Denis and Stéphane Bouchard

Navigation Volumes in UMI3D-Based CVE

Guillaume Gamelin and Nicolas Pacqueriaud

Development of a Japanese tea ceremony VR that enables tea serving and communication with telepresence for remote users

Ryota Horie, Naoki Kamino and Kazuki Miyata

Pseudo Real-Time Live Event: Virtualization for Nonverbal Live Entertainment and Sharing

Yusuke Yamazaki and Akihiko Shirai

Panel: Virtual Architecture in the Digital Realm

Pierre-François Gerard, Andrea Ion Cojocaru, Kim Baumann Larsen, Alex Coulombe and Eoin

Panel: Training experts in Virtual and Augmented Reality

Alain Lioret, Indira Thouvenin, Simon Richir, Jean-François Jégo, Jeanne Vezien and Vincent Meyrueis

Panel: The importance of privacy and ethics in emotion recognition and emotion elicitation in Virtual Reality scenarios

David Antonio Gómez Jáuregui, Nadine Couture, Catherine Pélachaud, Julien Castet and Samory Houzangbe

Panel: 360° view of Do It Together

Silvia Menato, Marc Pallot, Frederique Mayer, Sylvain Fleury, Carlos Gonzáles Val and Tobias Letting

Panel: Adaptive Interaction in XR

Jean-Rémy Chardonnet, Florence Danglade and Christophe Guillet



    Simon Richir

    Affiliation : LAMPA, Arts et Métiers, Laval, France

    Country : France


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