GUARDIANS & METANAUTS: Shaping the Reality of Future Humanity


For over 20 years, Laval Virtual has been identifying the latest XR trends and leading a growing international community operating in all sectors of activity. In 2016, as an international XR facilitator, Laval Virtual designed the Visionaries Think Tank: a 2-days exclusive prospective workshop for Scientists, Academics, Investors, Authors, Philosophers, Law Makers, Influencers, and/or Industrials from all over the world. The aim? Identify early signals of XR technology advancements over the next ten years and their impacts.

This report provides the individual thoughts of each visionary and the common vision resulting from the Visionaries Think Tank 2022.


Marie Leblanc

Affiliation : Komodal

Country : France

Simon Richir

Affiliation : Arts et Métiers

Country : France

Pierre-Stuart Rostain

Affiliation : VRDays Europe

Country : Netherlands

Thierry Benoist

Affiliation : European Commission

Country : Italy

Stéphane Bouchard

Affiliation : Université du Québec en Outaouais (UQO)

Country : Canada

Robert Cooney

Affiliation : The Being Virtual Show

Country : United States

Daniel Dyboski-Bryant

Affiliation : Virtual World Society

Country : United Kingdom

Kylie Savage

Affiliation : Consultant

Country : United States

Silke Schmidt

Affiliation : XR HUB Bavaria

Country : Germany

Mariia Tintul

Affiliation : Wise Guys XR Accelerator

Country : Ukraine


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