Published: 2019-10-13

Analysis of a Scalable Multi-Projector System for Virtual Reality Environments

Fernando Teubl, Marcio Cabral, Marcelo Zuffo, Celso Kurashima

Spatiotemporal Analysis of Circulation Behaviors Using Path And Residing Time displaY (PARTY)

Kingkarn Sookhanaphibarn, Ruck Thawonmas, Frank Rinaldo, Kuan-Ta Chen

Increasing Precision for Extended Reach 3D Manipulation

Chris Auteri, Mark Guerra, Scott Frees

LVRL: Reducing the Gap between Immersive VR and Desktop Graphical Applications

Daniel Trindade, Lucas Teixeira, Manuel Loaiza, Felipe Carvalho, Alberto Raposo, Ismael Santos

Wide Area Motion Tracking Using Consumer Hardware

Christian Schönauer, Hannes Kaufmann