Developments of Collaborative Research on VR Applications for Mental Health. Focus on Cybersickness and Memory Testing


The collaboration between our two scientific institutions is significant contributing to VR research into several fields of clinical application. Concerning the important issue of side-effects, future studies will clarify whether the encouraging results obtained in the recent past, that demonstrate few side-effects, in patients with neurological diseases can be confirmed, and whether specific recommendations for the use of immersive VR in selected clinical populations can be made. Recent collaborative studies on the application of non-immersive VR to improve clinical testing of spatial memory provided evidence of good replicability of results in both healthy and neurologically affected groups. The development of retraining applications for spatial memory impairments and future studies aimed at assessing the impact of ambulatory disability on spatial cognitive abilities will be based on these findings. Finally, a newly approved transnational project will lead our groups into the field of the assistive technology to improve working skills and opportunities for employment of people with mental disabilities who seek employment.


L Pugnetti

L. Mendozzi

E Barbieri

D. Alpini

E. A. Attree

B. M. Brooks

F. D. Rose

A. Motta


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