Published: 2019-10-13

Developments of Collaborative Research on VR Applications for Mental Health. Focus on Cybersickness and Memory Testing

L Pugnetti, L. Mendozzi, E Barbieri, D. Alpini, E. A. Attree, B. M. Brooks, F. D. Rose, A. Motta

A Practical Example Using VR in the Assessment of Brain Injury

R. C. Davies, G Johansson, K Boschian, A. Lindé, U. Minör, B. Sonesson

Development and Evaluation of the Virtual City

David Brown, Helen Neale, Sue Cobb, Hugh Reynolds

Haptic Virtual Environments for Blind People: Exploratory Experiments with Two Devices

G Jansson, H Petrie, C Colwell, D. Kornbrot, J. Fänger, H. König, K. Billberger, A. Hardwick, S. Furner