Published: 2019-10-13

Development and Evaluation of the Virtual City

David Brown, Helen Neale, Sue Cobb, Hugh Reynolds

Developments of Collaborative Research on VR Applications for Mental Health. Focus on Cybersickness and Memory Testing

L Pugnetti, L. Mendozzi, E Barbieri, D. Alpini, E. A. Attree, B. M. Brooks, F. D. Rose, A. Motta

A Practical Example Using VR in the Assessment of Brain Injury

R. C. Davies, G Johansson, K Boschian, A. Lindé, U. Minör, B. Sonesson

Haptic Virtual Environments for Blind People: Exploratory Experiments with Two Devices

G Jansson, H Petrie, C Colwell, D. Kornbrot, J. Fänger, H. König, K. Billberger, A. Hardwick, S. Furner