Effective T-spline representation for VRML


Less control points are needed to represent a shape in T-Splines compared to NURBS and subsequently less time is spent in modeling. While getting more and more accepted by commercial software, T-splines, however, are yet part of VRML/X3D. The T-spline VRML is proposed in this work. An effective data structure is designed for T-splines to support online visualization. Compared to the NURBS and the polygonal representations, the proposed T-spline data structure representation can significantly reduce the VRML file size which is a central concern in online applications. As such, complex objects modeled in T-spline form have better chances for real-time transfer from servers to clients. Similar to other VRML nodes, T-spline VRML node can support geometry, color and texture. Users can interact with T-spline more effectively for LOD and animation applications.


Wenyu Chen

Yusha Li

Jianjiang Pan

Jianmin Zheng

Yiyu Cai


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