Feature visualization plays an important role in vi-sualization of complicated flows because it can highlight the fea-ture of the flows with a simplified representation. The traditional feature visualization methods may exact some important features in flow field imprecisely due to the lack of the knowledge and the experience of the user. This paper gives a particle-based visuali-zation system which is developed with the application of the in-teractive fuzzy feature extraction and interactive visual analysis theories. To obtain a more precise feature extraction, we have proposed an interactive fuzzy feature description language (FFDL) and an interactive fuzzy feature extraction algorithm. Based on the work before, we introduced the proportion ration for different rules and optimized our algorithm in practice further by com-municating with specific researchers and doing lots of experi-ments. The further experiments show that our method can not only make full use of the ability of the user to extract the features precisely, but also reflect the uncertainty of the numerical simu-lation data.


Enya Shen

Huaxun Xu

Wenke Wang

Xun Cai

Liang Zeng

Sikun Li


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