Real-time Character Motion Effect Enhancement Based on Fluid Simulation


In fast figure animation, motion blur is of crucial importance, and this is especially true when an artist wants to generate exaggerating effect through figure motion. For a quite long period of time, animators seek the answer by using certain kind of image blending, no matter by the means of hardware or software. In recent years, methods based on 3D geometry of the motion figure with global illumination become gradually in demand, as they could deliver relatively high quality of motion blur effect. However, the computation cost in those methods is always very high, thus real time rendering become quite difficult to achieve. In this paper, a real-time motion effect based on 3D geometric approach is proposed, in which a special effect along the motion trajectory based on fluid simulation is combined with the volumetric motion blur. Furthermore, the motion trajectory would be decomposed and multi-pass geometry rendering would be employed to achieve geometry instancing for reuse. In this manner, the redundant calculation of each frame could be avoided, and the limitation of trajectory generation would be broken. In the pipeline, we separate motion tracking and fluid solution, to support various fluid effects flexibly. The scheme we present makes use of GPU geometry shading in parallel, aiming at guaranteeing high efficiency of computation while delivering splendid rendering. As a result, real time rendering including the motion blur effect is achieved.


Tianchen Xu

Enhua Wu

Mo Chen

Ming Xie


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