Collision Detection for Point Cloud Models With Bounding Spheres Hierarchies


Point cloud models are a common shape representation for several reasons. Three-dimensional scanning devices are widely used nowadays and points are an attractive primitive for rendering complex geometry. Nevertheless, there is not much literature on collision detection for point cloud models. This paper presents a novel collision detection algorithm for large point cloud models using voxels, octrees and bounding spheres hierarchies (BSH). The scene graph is divided in voxels. The objects of each voxel are organized intoan octree. Due to the high number of points in the scene, each non-empty cell of the octree is organized in a bounding sphere hierarchy, based on an R-tree hierarchy like structure. The BSH hierarchies are used to group neighboring points and filter out very quickly parts of objects that do not interact with other models. Points derived from laser scanned data typically are not segmented and can have arbitrary spatial resolution thus introducing computational and modeling issues. We address these issues and our results show that the proposed collision detection algorithm effectively finds intersections between point cloud models since it is able to reduce the number of bounding volume checks and updates


Mauro Figueiredo

João Pereira

João Oliveira

Bruno Araújo


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