Published: 2019-10-13

Advanced Material Rendering in Blender

Martin Hatka, Michal Haindl

Developing Physics Simulation in Augmented Reality

Damon Shing-Min Liu, Chun-Hao Yung, Cheng-Hsuan Chung

A Virtual Radial Arm Maze for the Study of Multiple Memory Systems in a Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Environment

Dongrong Xu, Xuejun Hao, Zhishun Wang, Yunsuo Duan, Feng Liu, Rachel Marsh, Shan Yu, Bradley S. Peterson

Evaluation of Gesture Based Interfaces for Medical Volume Visualization Tasks

Can Kirmizibayrak, Nadezhda Radeva, Mike Wakid, John Philbeck, John Sibert, James Hahn

Collision Detection for Point Cloud Models With Bounding Spheres Hierarchies

Mauro Figueiredo, João Pereira, João Oliveira, Bruno Araújo

Virtual Environment in Construction and Maintenance of Buildings

A.Z. Sampaio, A.R. Gomes, A. M. Gomes, J. P. Santos, D. Ros�rio