Virtual Environment in Construction and Maintenance of Buildings


This paper describes two prototype applications based on Virtual Reality (VR) technology for use in construction and maintenance planning of buildings. The first, applied to construction, is an interactive virtual model designed to present plans three-dimensionally (3D), connecting them to construction planning schedules, resulting in a valuable asset to the monitoring of the development of construction activity. The 4D application considers the time factor showing the 3D geometry of the different steps of the construction activity, according to the plan established for the construction. A second VR model was created in order to help in the maintenance of exterior closures of walls in a building. It allows the visual and interactive transmission of information related to the physical behavior of the elements. To this end, the basic knowledge of material most often used in facades, anomaly surveillance, techniques of rehabilitation, and inspection planning were studied. This information was included in a database that supports the periodic inspection needed in a program of preventive maintenance. This work brings an innovative contribution to the field of construction and maintenance supported by emergenttechnology


A.Z. Sampaio

A.R. Gomes

A. M. Gomes

J. P. Santos

D. Ros�rio


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