Special Issue - Best Papers of Virtual Reality International Conference (VRIC'19)


Laval Virtual is the world leader in virtual and emerging technology exhibitions since 1999. For this 21st edition, it welcomed more than 20,000 visitors who came to discover 330 exhibitors on 9000 m2. Every year, Laval Virtual strengthens its conference program on RV/AR and immersive technologies. Laval Virtual's conferences highlight technology trends and perspectives, and offer all the keys to understanding RV/AR in a dedicated space. More than 200 speakers were able to discover three new cycles allowing them to master the entire spectrum of immersive technologies:

VRticals: sectoral themes ;

TranVRsals: themes on forward-looking vision

ConVRgence : Virtual Reality International Conference (VRIC).

Included in this IJVR special issue, we have selected the best papers of 2019 Virtual Reality International Conference to give you an overview of the advanced technology of virtual and augmented realities.

I hope you will have a pleasant time reading that special issue and I look forward to meeting you in 2020 to dare the future.

List of papers

Gender Differences in Stress Responses during a Virtual Reality Trier Social Stress Test

Julia Santl, Youssef Shiban, Andreas Plab, Stefan Wüst, Brigitte M. Kudielka, Andreas Mühlberger

Comparing Conventional versus Immersive Service Prototypes: An Empirical Study

Abdul Rahman Abdel Razek, Christian van Husen, Marc Pallot, Simon Richir

Towards a SLAM-based augmented reality application for the 3D annotation of rock art

Violette Abergel, Kévin Jacquot, Livio De Luca, Philippe Veron

3D Objects based Security in Virtual and Augmented Reality Systems

Haroun Djaghloul, Jean-Pierre Jessel



    Simon Richir

    Affiliation : Arts et Métiers, LAMPA

    Country : France


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